Russian dance

Russian dance


For this project, 4 boards were developed, conveying the general idea and choice of materials for the decoration of the restaurant and bar. The first board is the search for an idea, references. The second is Inspiration in materials. The third board reflects the coloristic and textural-textural solutions of the restaurant, and the fourth board reflects the bar.


The designed restaurant is located in Suzdal, in the building of the Gostiny Dvor, designed in the Empire style. Several images served as references for the project at once: the falcon - the coat of arms of Suzdal, the gray-blue domes of the Smolensk Church, the white-stone carving of the Nativity Cathedral preserved from the beginning of the 13th century, the domes from the plowshare of the Transfiguration Church of the middle of the 13th century.


For this project, I made a tile with the image of the Stratim bird. This bird is the embodiment of the god of the winds, weather changes depend on it. This board is the starting point of the whole project, its inspiration.


Board for the restaurant - calm, sunny day. For him, I found a tile made of epoxy resin. Quoting - but through non-obvious materials. The tile will be used for the fireplace portal. Above the large table there is a plowshare chandelier, on the wall above the sofas there are mirrors with a gradient, on the ceiling there is a golden grid.


The board for the bar is a gradual darkening towards the bar through the color of the enfilade and the transition of the marble panel from light to dark. Above the bar is an art object in the form of a large round “mirror”, which, like a magnet, should attract visitors to pass to it. Above the bar is a glass chandelier, like frozen sea foam. The bar counter is lined with burnt wood, which evokes associations with bird plumage.