We are Flatlamb

It does not matter what task we are facing, whether it is a commercial interior or a private one, our approach is always based on the initial search for meanings to work with the concept. There is never anything superfluous in our projects, everything is subordinated to a single idea that works in conjunction with the meanings of the place, personality or brand. Thanks to this approach, projects are truly unique, timeless.

About us


The pace of our lives is accelerating more and more every year. Trends replace each other, not having time to be established. Collections are updated with a delay, trying to keep up with them. But we do not want to participate in this. We encourage you to stop and listen to yourself, and what is really important to you? Where on earth did you feel happy and harmonious? Maybe diving under water impresses you, and the shades of the sea and the colorful flashes of exotic fish make you feel a surge of joy? Or your passion is hiking with a guitar, and in your home you want to experience the same emotions of calm and warmth? Or maybe you are a fan of new consonant music and the presence of extra decorative elements is not acceptable for you? We ask similar questions at the first meeting. This is how we create an interior for your unique worldview, in the style of your life and timeless.